Reef Check Malaysia – Our new CSR partner

As one of the first environmentally aware recruitment experts, we are proud to announce that we are working together with Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With every successful placement, we will contribute to rehabilitate corals and marine life conservation.  

Reef Check is a leader of coral reef conservation in Malaysia that was established in 2007.There are 4 types of core programs that Reef Check organizes its activities around such as; 

  • EcoAction: training survey divers and coral surveys are conducted over 200 locations around Malaysia to monitor the coral reef health. 
  • Management: securing long term conservation goals and improving the management of coral reefs in Malaysia by working with the stakeholders. 
  • Advocacy: raising awareness about the importance of coral reefs and valuable ecosystem services they provide. 
  • Science: conduct studies on reef resilience and rehabilitation to better understand the coral reefs and their impact.  

RCM teams are working in three different locations (Tioman, Sibu and Mantanani) alongside with stakeholders to promote participation in managing and reducing impact on our local coral reefs. In Tioman, RCM has an ongoing 5 years program to build coral reef and community resilience. While in Sibu, RCM is aiding to conserve the local population of dugong which is currently endangered in Malaysia. Besides that, RCM is also in Mantannai working alongside with local stakeholders to develop a new marine managed area.