TRCRC – Our new CSR partner

As one of the first environmentally aware recruitment experts, we are proud to announce that we have partnered up with the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC) as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For every successful placement, a portion of our profit will be redirected to TRCRC projects.

The TRCRC is a non- profit organization that focuses on preserving and protecting Malaysia’s Tropical rainforests in places such as Banum, Heart of Borne, Ulu Segama, Merisuli, and more. Their main responsibilities are to lead the landscape-wide forest protection and restoration projects through a large conservation initiative around the east and west Malaysia. 

The main focal point of TRCRC are diverted towards 4 important activities such as;

  • Species Preservation & Forest Restoration: TRCRC collects and restores the tropical rainforest species
  • Forest Connectivity: TRCRC establishes a linkage between the Central Forest Spine (CFS) and the Heart of Borneo (HOB)
  • Forest, The New Economy: TRCRC maintains growing economic opportunities by promoting sustainable forest use
  • Collaboration: TRCRC also collaborates with various parties such as with the Government, NGO, Private Sector, and Indigenous Communities.

TRCRC works by collecting and monitoring seeds of trees that are endangered during fruiting seasons. Once TRCRC has collected the seeds, it is then germinated and grown in the nurseries to be introduced back into the wild for species preservation. The seeds once germinated will be planted in suitable locations.  The seedlings will receive proper maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability.

TRCRC believes in preserving the tropical rainforests in Malaysia as deforestation hugely impacts climate change. Climate change can bring on rising temperatures, extreme weather events, disruption agriculture, habitat destruction as well as the loss of flora and fauna.