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  • HR2O as an organisation is reliable from start till the end. I have engaged with them twice and they were persistent till they've got me the best offer. Thomas was very helpful and guided me throughout the interview process. He constantly updated me on the progress. He was able to renegotiate the wage structure that I have requested for and made sure both parties were fairly threated and matched. Thank you for the best service 🙂 Thesiga

  • Fantastic service! Timely updates, valuable communication and brilliant opportunities provided are just some of the aspects that make HR2O one of the best recruitment agencies around. I would highly recommend them. Keep up the great work! Nazzura

  • Thomas is warm, friendly, dedicated, and professional. Expect regular updates, follow throughs, and the team doing their very best to get you a role that’s perfect for you. Sasha

  • I want to take a moment to appreciate HR2O ASIA. I had a fantastic experience with their professional services.I am really thankful to my recruiter, who was extremely helpful since day one. He followed up with the company from time to time and updated my application status during the hiring process, and he expedited the process based on interview results. It made me land in a new job very quickly in the COVID pandemic. I would sincerely recommend HR2O to job seekers. Surendra

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